The Takeaways:

Log Hopping:  This is a breeze when you have a 20 yard lead and 50 yard buffer behind a log.  Put pressure through your knees to the pegs, blip the throttle then up and over you go.  We practiced this more than anything else at our training.  It was supremely helpful.  The hard part was taking that practice over to the endurocross section.  Limited run up and landing made it exponentially harder to complete.  I was the perfect case study as I went over the bars not once but twice.  Most fun I have had crashing…  Here was the demo by Cody Webb that inspired me to take on the section.  He makes it look sooo easy.

Turning:  Body positioning is key.  We found most people, myself included, were moving their torso more than the bike *with* their legs.  The idea is to weight the inside peg, bend the outside knee and lean the bike while keeping the torso neutral.  Below are a few decent examples after Cody and Jason clarified a few pointers:

Steer with the Rear: To add to the turning lesson we jumped into the skid steer.  This I felt was a lesson learned more by doing than anything.  It involves a lot of feel from the rider.  Hesitations turned into crappy turns, aggression turned into spin outs.  It is a fine line and when you get it right feels so good.

3 Expectations to Enjoy Training with DBST:

1. The people at this training event all want to ride.  Start up conversations and talk with anyone.  Also if you don’t have riding buddies, you may just find some here.  Most attendees can also point you to good riding groups and locations.

2. There are 15 or so people per class.  This is a double edged sword.  It gives you time to rest in between reps BUT eats up some time as the drills stop for instructors to give 1 on 1 training.  Overall this is a minor issue.

3. Come with a positive outlook (confidence in your bike, setup, ability to learn, etc.) and an open mind.  You will have a lot of fun, especially on the trail rides…

A little background on Dirt Bike Safety Training LLC: 
Whitney Koeberle and Jason Sherman have a grass roots business that is worth supporting.  They offer training that is both affordable and accessible to almost every dirt rider (pricing starts at $160, check out their classes HERE).  That combined with their presence at every major dirt event I find DBST the perfect place to begin your training. The level 2 training may not be for you A or B class racers but I think the Advanced Level 3 just may hit the spot.  When I have an opportunity I know I will be attending that course!

-Have a good one,