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At home I have enough space to practice slow maneuvers BUT the only feedback I get is through review of my videos.  I had an invite to go over to Chet’s house to practice and help Brian wrap up the install on (he has acreage, and an accumulation of valuable moto knowledge) to train with him so I could get real time feedback.  It was AWESOME and I was able to make immediate improvements. My goal was to work on 3 things:

1. Clutch Control
2. Throttle Control
3. Wheelie’s (for practical purposes like getting over an obstacle, impressing chicks, pivot turns, etc.)

Wheelie recipe (controls work): Pull in clutch, add in throttle, each bike is different but you need to hit a good torque spot, release the clutch quickly but don’t rush as this is going to amplify the throttle you are adding in.  Executing that sequence can be done at a stand still in the yard or driveway.

If you struggle you might be:  Shutting the throttle down too quickly, releasing the clutch too slowly, leaning your upper body over the front wheel.

Rolling/Standing Wheelie:  The bounce method uses the weighting/de-weighting of the suspension to bring up the front wheel.  While standing “bounce” on the pegs and compress the suspension.  When the suspension rebounds you can apply just throttle or use the throttle/clutch per above to amplify the rebound affect to result in a wheelie.

Adventure Bike Applications: The bounce and stand still wheelie can be adopted on any size bike and work very well when executed properly.  One good example is Super Stoked Kevin. He utilized the bounce method over a set of stacked logs (some of which were loose).  At the end of the video you will notice Kevin stops right next to Tom’s bike (Black 950 Adv.), he had to shut the throttle down quite early to make sure he didn’t run into it.  This is the practical, real world, adventure riding scenario played out.