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  • Pros:
  • -It’s about the riding
  • -The routes were good
  • -Scenery is fantastic
  • -Prime Rib Dinner
  • -Craft Brew and plenty of it
  • Cons:
  • -$300 is steep
  • -The give-aways were odd (XXXL Jersey?)
  • -Loads of bugs/mosquitos from 8-9pm
  • -Too hot for a soak in the Hot springs

The Rally:

Good Food.  Great Riding.  A weekend is really not enough time to get in the miles required to explore.  It is fun to meet up with a ton of good riders in a place known for good riding.  In all I would recommend it however I can’t see myself attending every year (maybe every other year?).  This is due to 2 factors:  the miles it takes (500 miles of tarmac one way for over 8 hours) to get to Crane and the cost is $300 for the rally plus fuel, food, time off work, etc.

The Riding:

It was fantastic.  I would say this was the highlight.  I would not say that the GL Rally is a pre-requisite to riding in Eastern Oregon.  I would recommend that if you have some interest in riding Eastern Oregon reach out to myself or another BR Rider.  The collective knowledge here is quite deep.   We could direct almost anyone on how to make the most of their time and provide a fair amount of tracks/routes.

The weekends Incidents:

There were 5 incidents over the weekend.  2 hospitalizations (1 car on bike and 1 terrain crash) and 3 mechanical recoveries.  Both people were stabilized but the accidents were not minor and the riders sustained broken bones.   I have some photos of the bikes but the crashes were much worse than the bikes look.

Abbreviated Ride Report:

I got separated from the group, almost ran out of gas and loved every minute of the adventure.  One recommendation is to bring a cloth and goggle cleaner, the volume of bugs was unbelievable.  In my quest to find gas I stopped at a farm and learned that the people in southern Oregon are nice and don’t mind if you stop in with a noisy bike.  Their dogs however do mind, luckily they were 10lb ankle biters and not 80lb German Shepherds.    The scenery is worth the trip, definitely a bucket list area to ride.