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The Commitment: I SOLD THEM ALL, it took me over 12 months but I did it.  I sold the F800GS, KTM 690, 2 BMW R1200GSA’s and a KTM Super Enduro.  I emptied my garage and decided to simplify my life but I couldn’t go without a motorcycle…

The Bike: I needed street legal, light weight and manageable power for some really tough training.  I settled in on the 2016 Husqvarn FE350s.  It checked all the boxes for dual sport and enduro training.

The Rider: On a sliding scale I can at any time go from goon to intermediate level maneuvers.  I was pleased with my progress (2 seasons on dirt) when compared to my seat hours.  The problem is that my seat hours have not been consistent, there were/are too many distractions.  So it is time to get back to basics and commit to a solid training method. The first video (credit to Iain Glynn) shows my loop out in third person and for a first person view fast forward to 4:15 in the second video.

The goal:  I committed to 12 months on this bike only.  I will ride this bike to work on a nice day, hit as many rough enduro trails as I can, train up and see everyone at the Rally’s.  I am committing to becoming a better rider and spending as much time outdoors with my family as I can.  I hope to see all of you hooligans out there with me.

Cheers from the – ADVFAMILY.