This is the story written by Brian Englund as seen through his mud covered visor experiencing the 25 Hrs Starvation Ridge Race in Eddieville, WA…..

Never experienced Hulk-smash rage? Swipe wadded up goo out of your helmet visor so you can see to pick up a bike with no handlebars after squashing it into the mud in a race pace crash in the dark while it rains sideways and cold water runs down the crack of your ass and into your boots. I’d have thrown it down on the other side in pure rage if that wouldn’t have forced me to pick it up again! So, instead, I did what any sane person would do. I laughed like a hyena on nitrous. What else can you do?

OK, have you got his attention? Well then….,

“THIS. IS. 25 HOURS!!!!!” To read this incredible story go to¬†Starvation Ridge Race 2015