Knight Designs Foot Pegs:

I bought a set of Knight Designs pegs as they were a good price point ($139) and were the only product that offered a lower peg without being longer than stock. The only drawback I could see for a lower peg is that it might catch on debris that the stock pegs would flow over due to being higher and having a smaller profile (the sacrifice made for more comfort).

Ergonomics are improved with the lower height of the pegs.  The rider triangle was increased and in combination with trail tech handlebar risers (1.5”) is much better for longer rides while standing or sitting.  I find my knees are less tired during longer hauls which is great because it takes 1-2 hours to hit the good stuff from my house.  The issue I had on installation was the brake lever.  It was much too high and would not have been usable while seated. As you can see in the first photo the brake lever is not level or close to level with the peg height.  It was not a difficult adjustment but the lever is at its maximum height adjustment.  Without a stepped lever it would not be usable in the sitting position.  Here are the before and after adjustment heights:

Overall the value in the pegs really came down to control.  The pegs lowered the center of gravity when standing, this helped the bikes stability and cornering feel.  With the stock pegs the bike felt twitchy on loose surfaces.  The lower pegs remedied this feel which made the sacrificed ground clearance worth it.  If I do run into clearance issues I may take the pegs to a machine shop to have them ground down otherwise I will let it ride.

-Lower your pegs by 7/8th’s of an inch
-More comfort when sitting and standing
-Low cost peg with good build quality

-Not wider than stock
-Large brake and shift lever adjustment needed

-Large height decreases clearance on an already lower peg
-Less aggressive cleats than most offerings
-A stepped brake pedal pad is necessary to get the brake height correct

The pegs are of the same design/shape for each application (BMW, KTM as well as other brands).


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