Giant Loop Rally Photos 2015

Wiel Heading Out

Giant Loop Rally was a blast.  Good rides, beer and off-road fun.  For a full write up on the Rally click here.


Giant Loop Rally 2015 Write Up


GL Rally 2015 When we got word of the GL Rally being organized, people started signing rapidly up for this event in central Oregon, since the available spots were limited to 100 riders max. 18 People from our riders group committed to attend and plans were made how to get such a large group moving…. Read more »


March Moto Photos 2015


Really wet weekend ride with Wiel, Tom, Gent, Sam, Michael, Andrew, Alex and Mark. We started Friday evening with a night ride to which we had a couple of detours and ended up going through several water features.  The night ended in a downpour of rain, beer and soaked gear.   On day 2 the MMM intermediate… Read more »


Giant Loop Rally 2015

Day 3 GL Rally Rides

Click on each map or use the descriptions below to see the planned routes to the Giant Loop Rally that the Black River ADV riders will be utilizing on this years trip. You can also follow the group by using the tracker links below and check out the terrain via google maps here: Giant Loop… Read more »


Best of the Best 2015

2015-03-02 (1)

B.O.B. Contest 2015 Submit a photo of you or someone else to: At the end of the season the group will vote on which photo they like best and the winner will receive a Prize and Trophy.  This could be a mishap around the campfire, napping bike or stellar action shot.


Scouting Bethel Ridge 2015


Weekend trip, Wiel, Gent, Sam and Andrew.  We headed out Friday afternoon and posted up tents by the river then did a bit of exploring on day 2.  FYI strapping down a case of Ranier to the Giant loop bag in between a Pelican case results in a pit stop to finish up the leaky beers……. Read more »


Ride with Ilio 2015


Wet weekend trip with Wiel, Ilio, Alex, Jim, Brian and Michael. Everyone met up at Michael’s on Friday night then headed out to the Olympic National Forest to setup camp and ride a modified MMM Route that Wiel put together. There were a few interesting aspects to the ride including Ilio riding the F800GS dirtbike… Read more »


ETY Ride 2014


Winter ride that got up into some snow, steaks and brew.   -Photos submitted by Sam