The Practical Wheelie


At home I have enough space to practice slow maneuvers BUT the only feedback I get is through review of my videos.  I had an invite to go over to Chet’s house to practice and help Brian wrap up the install on (he has acreage, and an accumulation of valuable moto knowledge) to train with… Read more »


Training with Dirt Bike Safety Training


The Takeaways: Log Hopping:  This is a breeze when you have a 20 yard lead and 50 yard buffer behind a log.  Put pressure through your knees to the pegs, blip the throttle then up and over you go.  We practiced this more than anything else at our training.  It was supremely helpful.  The hard part… Read more »


A Year on a Dirtbike

Fmly w-Husky

The Commitment: I SOLD THEM ALL, it took me over 12 months but I did it.  I sold the F800GS, KTM 690, 2 BMW R1200GSA’s and a KTM Super Enduro.  I emptied my garage and decided to simplify my life but I couldn’t go without a motorcycle… The Bike: I needed street legal, light weight and manageable… Read more »


Giant Loop Rally 2016


Pros: -It’s about the riding -The routes were good -Scenery is fantastic -Prime Rib Dinner -Craft Brew and plenty of it Cons: -$300 is steep -The give-aways were odd (XXXL Jersey?) -Loads of bugs/mosquitos from 8-9pm -Too hot for a soak in the Hot springs The Rally: Good Food.  Great Riding.  A weekend is really… Read more »


Ride Report Giant Loop Rally 2016


The Long Ride/Rally Report: I drove 500 miles with a Super Enduro in the bed of my truck on a Friday afternoon which put me in Crane, OR at 8:30pm, that is how badly I wanted to ride in South East Oregon…   I unloaded, chatted with Tom, Jim, Clint, Mike, Scott, Russ and John… Read more »


Touratech Rally 2016 Photos


Touratech Rally 2016 is in the bag.  Learned a lot from Professional Photographer Tim Burke on how to shoot at night (see a sample of his work below).  To see more and higher resolution photos follow him on his instagram account: @timburkephoto Weekends Highlights: – Rode 373 miles on the bike – Signed BR Riders into history at the… Read more »


Starvation Ridge Race 2015 Photos


This is the story written by Brian Englund as seen through his mud covered visor experiencing the 25 Hrs Starvation Ridge Race in Eddieville, WA….. Never experienced Hulk-smash rage? Swipe wadded up goo out of your helmet visor so you can see to pick up a bike with no handlebars after squashing it into the… Read more »


ETY Ride 2015 October Fest, Leavenworth, WA


We will be leaving Saturday 10/17/15 from our usual Starbucks Cafe meeting point in Enumclaw and ride in 2 groups via the Naches trail, over the Umtanum Ridge towards Ellensburg, from there via the Table mountain over Blewett pass into the Leavenworth area. Sunday 10/18/15 we will be riding over the Old Blewett pass towards… Read more »


IDBDR Photos 2015


Ride report 2015 IDBDR, by Wiel Penders On July 31st, the “Nifty Water Boxers” headed for Boise, ID (500 Miles) Wiel and Michael from Seattle via Mount Rainier in to the Yakima Valley towards Baker city. Jim and Russ from Portland, OR by truck to reduce the wear on their tires. Wietze started same morning from Long… Read more »


Touratech Rally 2015

TT Rally 2015

With temperatures steady in the high 90’s on Thursday we kicked off the Touratech Rally for 2015.  This remained the biggest adversary of the weekend as temperatures peaked on Saturday at 111!!! Great fun and good food were had by everyone in the crew.