BMW R1200GSA Final Drive Shaft Seal replacement


There were 31 k miles on the bike and the final drive oil was changed around 28K, I had added too much oil, 230 ml instead of the new recommended 180 ml causing it to leak at a warm day off road. The original leaking seal shown below before the removal.   To start we… Read more »


Tubeless Tire Change


How to change a tubeless tire with the onboard tools… Tools needed: I typically use only the tools I carry on my bike, in this way I know I can do the job as well when stranded in Tjeeleetjap. (don’t ask where that is..) In this post I used my carpeted garage floor. Tire spoons,… Read more »


Products: Knight Designs Pegs


Knight Designs Foot Pegs: I bought a set of Knight Designs pegs as they were a good price point ($139) and were the only product that offered a lower peg without being longer than stock. The only drawback I could see for a lower peg is that it might catch on debris that the stock pegs… Read more »


Be A Man: Change Your Tires

Pelican Box

As of today I have changed a full set of tires twice, taken my rear tire off 10 times and replaced my tubes 4 times.  Shit happens friends.  When you inevitably get a flat, being prepared will make or break your day.  It also helps to have a good crew of riders who have your back… Read more »