Ride Reports: Any Given Saturday


It started out with a sprint to the glorious short track.  The group of 6 met up at 10am and shenanigans ensued right from the start.  Jason, Brian and Eric pushed the pace the instant their tires hit the dirt.  Andrew and Alex  would get a taste and start hitting the turns and kickers harder as… Read more »


Rider Profiles: Alex Patterson

Alex P. Race Pic

Name: Alex Patterson Team: Black River ADV Residence: Seattle, WA Experience:  Motorcycles – 6 years     Anything with 2 wheels – 24 years Bike: 2014 KTM 1190 Adventure R About me: The moment I threw a leg over my first bike at age 4, a relationship with 2 wheels was formed and has shaped a big part of… Read more »


Ride Reports: IDBDR 2015


 Ride report 2015 IDBDR, by Wiel Penders Photos of the trip are here On July 31st, the “Nifty Water Boxers” headed for Boise, ID (500 Miles) Wiel and Michael from Seattle via Mount Rainier in to the Yakima Valley towards Baker city. Jim and Russ from Portland, OR by truck to reduce the wear on their tires…. Read more »


Rider Profiles: Iain Glynn

Iain Race Pic

Name: Iain Glynn Team: Black River ADV Residence: Seattle, WA Experience: I bought a motorcycle at 19 and learned by doing from there. After a few years of riding with friends I took the leap to racing that many people do. My motivation to START racing was the belief that because I could keep up… Read more »


Rider Profiles: Jason Downs

Princess Shoe

Name: Jason Downs Team: Black River ADV Residence: Seattle, WA Experience: Been riding since I was 7 when my parents surprised me with a YZ60 for my birthday.  Off and on riding since then so I guess about 28 years in total.  Mix of desert, enduro and GNCC type racing (not much though) and trail riding with friends/family.  Would… Read more »


Rider Profiles: Andrew Salinas


Name: Andrew Salinas Team: Black River ADV Residence: Renton, WA Experience: Riding 10 years Bike: 2015 KTM 690 Enduro R About me:  I enjoy customizing and building bikes to suit different riding terrains. I have ridden a range of bikes from Super Sports to 600lb Adventure bikes on pristine pavement to overgrown single track. My… Read more »


Rider Profiles: Brian Englund

Brian Bio Photo

Name: Brian C. Englund Team: Black River ADV Residence: Tacoma, WA Experience: Riding – 18 years; Racing – zero! Bike: 2009 KTM 950SE-R Super Enduro About me:   Other than some dabbling as a kid and riding on the tank of my old man’s CB175, I started late in life at college.  I rode my first… Read more »


Be A Man: Change Your Tires

Pelican Box

As of today I have changed a full set of tires twice, taken my rear tire off 10 times and replaced my tubes 4 times.  Shit happens friends.  When you inevitably get a flat, being prepared will make or break your day.  It also helps to have a good crew of riders who have your back… Read more »