The Practical Wheelie


At home I have enough space to practice slow maneuvers BUT the only feedback I get is through review of my videos.  I had an invite to go over to Chet’s house to practice and help Brian wrap up the install on (he has acreage, and an accumulation of valuable moto knowledge) to train with… Read more »


Training with Dirt Bike Safety Training


The Takeaways: Log Hopping:  This is a breeze when you have a 20 yard lead and 50 yard buffer behind a log.  Put pressure through your knees to the pegs, blip the throttle then up and over you go.  We practiced this more than anything else at our training.  It was supremely helpful.  The hard part… Read more »


A Year on a Dirtbike

Fmly w-Husky

The Commitment: I SOLD THEM ALL, it took me over 12 months but I did it.  I sold the F800GS, KTM 690, 2 BMW R1200GSA’s and a KTM Super Enduro.  I emptied my garage and decided to simplify my life but I couldn’t go without a motorcycle… The Bike: I needed street legal, light weight and manageable… Read more »