Iain Race PicName: Iain Glynn
Team: Black River ADV
Residence: Seattle, WA

Experience: I bought a motorcycle at 19 and learned by doing from there. After a few years of riding with friends I took the leap to racing that many people do. My motivation to START racing was the belief that because I could keep up with my buddies in the trails, that meant I was a ‘fast guy’ and would do great in competition. My motivation to CONTINUE racing was the brutal realization that I am NOT a ‘fast guy’ and pushing myself to improve my standings opens my mind to the possibility of speeds that I didn’t know existed. Racing gives us the chance to rub elbows with talent so far above our level that we can’t help but come away improved.

Bike: Touratech equipped 2013 BMW F800GS because I am really good at making really bad decisions and most importantly, it isn’t mine.

About me: I was fortunate enough to be unemployed and broke with very few ambitions at a time when Touratech-USA had an open position. I somehow made it through the interview process and almost 8 years later I am overwhelmed every time I think about where that hiring decision has taken me.

Future goals: Jump a dirt bike to the moon, become a hobbit, and be really, really, ridiculously good looking. Those might be reach goals…