Brian - RMS Konflict PNW Rally courseName: Brian C. Englund
Team: Black River ADV
Residence: Tacoma, WA
Experience: Riding – 18 years; Racing – zero!
Bike: 2009 KTM 950SE-R Super Enduro

About me:   Other than some dabbling as a kid and riding on the tank of my old man’s CB175, I started late in life at college.  I rode my first bike, a 1985 Honda Shadow 500, from Phoenix to Rochester, NY in 1999!  I commute daily, but for the good stuff, I’m a weekend warrior:  nothing special.  Maybe just a little crazier than most.  My interests lie primarily in “something new.”  Preferably difficult.  I ride for a challenge, throttle therapy, and transportation.   I also truly enjoy coaching, teaching, and mentoring others, imparting my hard-earned knowledge to like-minded people.  I had a blast as an MSF RiderCoach 13 years ago and will return to teaching when time and employment allows.  

Future goals
: Bigger bikes at traditionally smaller bike events, coupled with great people, outrageous fun, and self-discovery.  I’m naturally competitive and therefore hungry for training and experience.  I have nothing to prove to the rest of the world, but I have plenty to prove to myself, and the surest way to catch my interest is to say, “No, it can’t be done.”