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 Ride report 2015 IDBDR, by Wiel Penders

Photos of the trip are here

On July 31st, the “Nifty Water Boxers” headed for Boise, ID (500 Miles) Wiel and Michael from Seattle via Mount Rainier in to the Yakima Valley towards Baker city. Jim and Russ from Portland, OR by truck to reduce the wear on their tires. Wietze started same morning from Long Beach, CA for a 900+ Miles Journey with a stop in Ely, NV. We camped that first evening in a parking lot of a KOA near Boise and got hooked with some spicy “Habanero Pizza” and local brew at the Flying Pie.


Sat Aug 1st, we dropped of the truck, stopped by at the BMW Dealer “Big Twin” and chatted for a while with the guys at their shop. What a nice group of people we must say!!



On their advise we cut short and took exit 64 on Hwy 84 to get on the Blacks Creek Rd via Prairie towards Pine where we would meet with Wietze. This turned out to be a great start of the BDR as it got us very soon on gravel and our pegs, the scenery was beautiful and we drove at the end along the West side of the Anderson Ranch reservoir into Pine. We got lunch, fuel, needed supplies (Ice and beer) and Wietze showed up.


We selected the 2nd section with GPS tracks on our GPS devices of the IDBDR and headed for the Big Trinity Lake Campground. There we setup camp and we dropped our panniers and gear and went up to wards The Trinity Lookout at 9451 Feet elevation, turned out to be a good warmup requiring all the attention riding the steep rocky trail towards the top, well worth the trip, just before sunset and the scenery was great.

Sun Aug 2nd, we got up early and started riding at sunrise with the goal for that day to reach the other group (“Dead Carl’s Rangers”) at the “Burgdorf Hot springs” with 240 miles off road riding. It started off with Wiel having a flat tire, F’@#$!^&* nail in the rear TKC 80. Plugged it up and it was holding pressure for the rest of the trip.


It turned out to become a long haul that day and a few had to get used to the sandy circumstances while carrying all the extra weight (read: chairs, extra riding booths, sleeping cot, extra stuff etc). overload2_zps03683addWietze and Michael decided in Lowman to hit the tarmac towards Burgdorf and the three of us went further on the BDR towards Warm Lake. We took a shortcut at some point via McCall to make it before dawn at Burgdorf where not only all the others already had arrived, but as well Bill Whitacre made an appearance to spent some time with us. Thanks for Dinner Bill, it was great seeing you!! We had some good stories to share and after Bill had left, we jumped in the Hot springs to rinse of the dust.


Mon Aug 3rd, we decided to stay in the area and left all our gear at Burgdorf to explore the area, searching for a hidden compound which we never found, however we discovered an old mine at the Kimberley Lake where we stopped for lunch and riding a little paddle boat across the lake towards the entrance of the mine. We then headed for a loop around the area to the lookout at the “War Eagle”mountain at 8300 Feet elevation.


IMG_1595_edited IMG_4547

The Ranger at the lookout pointed us towards a bar on the Warren Wagon Road, The “Secesh Stagestop” (Located on the BDR FS21 between Warren and Burgdorf, great people, absolute great food and a funplace to grab a bite and a cold one. (www.seceshstagestop.com Facebook.com/ Secesh Stage Stop) We returned to Burgdorf and spent the evening in the Hot Springs.


Tue Aug 4th, the 2nd team left early and the goal for the day was 200 Miles and possible meet again at the Magruder crossing camp spot on the Magruder corridor in the NezPerce forest area. Great riding leaving Burgdorf, took some cool pics at the old school bus, we actually tried to jump start it, but with no luck and drove via an amazing twisty (4000 Feet drop) French Creek Rd Nf-246 towards the Salmon River.


We followed the shoreline of the Salmon river for several miles during the morning. The sunrise over the river made for some good scenery. It was nice to absorb all the beauty of that area while riding along the Salmon river with its white sandy beaches. (Would have been a great spot for camping as an alternative to the Burgdorf Hot springs.)


We crossed the river and headed further North via the Grangeville-Salmon road 221, West of the Hungry Ridge towards Elk City where we stopped for Gas, lunch and supplies.

Make sure you be nice to the Old Grannie at the “Wilderness Eatery” otherwise you’ll not get any utensils with your food and please don’t try to help yourself to get a drink from
the fridge, man was she grumpy…good for some laughs though, she didn’t wanted with us on a angry-woman-frying-pan-8683855groups picture either.

Since we still had a lot of miles to go, we loaded up a box of wine for the evening instead of beer. Fitted perfect in Wiel’s pannier and it survived a little “Rubber side Up” while trying to ride up the Burnt Knob Lookout on the Magruder Corridor, Iain at Touratech finally got his picture with their skid plate and logo. Men what a challenge that was, Jim and Russ made it though, good for some great pictures. We met the group at the campground and washed ourself and dirty Laundry in the Selway river.

IMG_3465Wed Aug 5th, Next morning we crossed over the Idaho / Montana border Nez Perce Pass at 6587 Ft elevation towards Darby for Lunch, from here it was all pavement to Lolo in piss poor rain. Fortunately the only rain we had for the entire trip. In Lolo we got gas and turned the wheels towards the Lolo Hotsprings were the Nifty Water Boxers decided to get a few cabins to dry our gear. The Dead Carl Rangers went for the Lochsa Lodge further down the Lolo pass. We dropped all our gear again and did a nice scenic ride around the area for a few hours riding the FS 373 via the Spruce creek and Pack creek before we returned to the Lolo Hot springs. Headed for the bar and tub and.. the bar again.


Thu Aug 6th, we were going to ride the old Lolo Motorway towards the Blue Cabin that day and it promised to be a great ride, extreme sceneries over 109 and 500. Run into a group of saddled horses without any human being around, after a few miles we runned into a group of Rangers and they were already searching for them. At the Saddle camp, we had to divert as Forest fires were expected and we used the 107 around Ashpile Peak back to the Lolo pass Hwy 12. IMG_3480We kept going West for about 50 Miles and start climbing back up again in Syringa towards Pierce, great ride up however it started demanding a lot from Michael. We stopped to take a break for a while before we made it to Pierce, we had a late lunch and decided to continue towards Dworshak Reservoir and find a campground named Grandad at the North Fork Clearwater River. Despite our goal to reach the Blue Cabin, it turned out to be one of the best camp spots we had for the entire trip. Great for swimming in the lake and we met a couple old timer fisher man camping sharing a few stories and laughs.

Fri Aug 7th, this would be our last riding day and the goal was set to ride up to the Blue Cabin and end the day in Wallace at I-90. The Blue cabin became an interesting ride up and was well worth the effort, we took the needed pictures and signed the guest book. We headed further North via the 301 towards Avery. Before we got there we had to put Jim “down” as he was getting ahead of him self 🙂 IMG_1563We stopped in the old rail road town of Avery and cooked some lunch a the little park next to the museum. IMG_1581We took a peak at the museum and worked our way via 456 into Wallace. Unfortunately we parked the bikes in front of a bar around 3 pm in the afternoon and never left until next day, we took a couple hotel rooms next door, got dinner and a few more cold ones.

Sat Aug 8th, pressurized our tires and set our course towards Seattle for the home run.

All in all, a great ride, beautiful scenery and good camaraderie, Thanks to all to make this happen…..Life is good, Later!IMG_1391

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