It started out with a sprint to the glorious short track.  The group of 6 met up at 10am and shenanigans ensued right from the start.  Jason, Brian and Eric pushed the pace the instant their tires hit the dirt.  Andrew and Alex  would get a taste and start hitting the turns and kickers harder as the day went along.  After getting a few practice runs and dialing in our approaches we decided to regroup for a quick second and met Key-less Joe.

Joe had been at the track on Friday and while riding, lost his truck keys.  He asked us to help him search for them and in about 10 minutes we found them on the 3rd turn berm.  It was an absolute stroke of luck.  He decided to hang out for bit to watch these big bikes rip around a track that he deemed punishment on his 250 dirt bike.  Overall really nice guy.

Eric was eager to continue testing his fresh Konflict suspension setup he had put on a few weeks ago.  I can attest that his bike got much taller from its previous incarnation.  It looked amazing when we put the forks on and the 21″ tire/rim looked so small with that fender gap.  Looks aside it would be even more impressive out on the track…

As it can sometimes happen the LC8’s were having some trouble with starting.  We believed it was a combination of old gas and having sat for a few weeks.  Eric had been hosting the Touratech East rally and Brian was recovering from a separated shoulder.  Eventually both roared to life with that glorious exhaust note they are known for.  Anyone who loves to ride is inspired by that sound for sure.

Brian did the longest haul that day coming from the Tacoma area.  He had just finished up his Rekluse Auto Clutch install and we were all eager to see how it performed.  Check out the next photos for the results:

We all had a great time out on the track.  We also learned a lot in a short amount of time.  Wiel was able to help everyone out with photography which we promptly used to improve.  We had the most fun on two sets of kickers/corners, enjoy the inspirational air:

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