Gent_BRADVName: Gent Welsh

Team: Black River ADV

Residence: Yelm, WA

Experience:  Growing up in rural eastern Oregon, I’ve been on and around motorcycles from the time I could walk.  I owned a dual sport motorcycle (1985 XL-350R) before I even owned a car.  Other than a couple years living abroad in the United Kingdom, I’ve never been without a dual sport bike!  Riding highlights have been running the various Backcountry Discovery Routes in the Northwest and flogging a rental BMW F800 to death with a great group of guys in Chile and Argentina.

Bike: 2003 BMW 1150 GS Adventure, 2004 KLR 650, 1977 Harley Superglide FXE

About me:   They say the ride is not about the destination; it’s about the journey.  For me, the ride is ALWAYS about the destination.  Whether it’s exploring ghost towns, locating lost gold mines, finding World War Two aircraft wreckage in the middle of the desert, or fishing the perfect remote mountain trout stream, I love to find ways to mix dual sport riding with exploring a worthy destination.

Future goals:  Continue to explore the fantastic history and culture tucked away in the Pacific Northwest backcountry, and find ways to share this experience with others.  I can’t believe the amount of varied territory and sites that Adventure motorcycling opens up to us fortunate enough to call this region home.